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Bedbugs are impossible Creatures that once you are infested to eradicate them seemingly becomes only possible in your mind. You can’t kill what you can’t see. These blood-sucking tiny Creatures know how to hide discreetly in the bed, from the fabrics to the spring box, cracks on the bed frame and foams.

Since their active meal is human whenever you sleep they grow stronger and reproduces. The only way to stop bedbugs is by preventing them using bed bugs covers which have anti-bed bugs properties that withstand them from biting or even Surviving on the bed.

Top 7 Best Bed Bug Mattress Covers in 2020

This covers engulfs the whole bed and protects you totally from their plague. Here is a list of purchasable best cover you should watch out for.

Sureguard Waterproof

The name of this cover says it all, be sure you are 100%safe, as the 13-16 inches deep square guard cover is not only safe but cozy. It is made from 100% Terry cotton which is the top cover and the other five sides 100% stretch-knit polyester combined with 100% Tpu (polyurethane) waterproof.

Thus, no mite, bug, sweat, or liquid will be able to penetrate this cover while still giving you a fresh, lasting comforting protection.  Its hypoallergenic feature means it allergy free by blocking out allergens like dust mite, pet dander, mold, and mildew. You are sure of the quality and 30 days of free trial and 10years guarantee.

LINENSPA Zippered Encasement Waterproof

Why judge people that eat in bed,? When you can eat comfortably in bed with Linenspa zippered encasement waterproof cover because of its all round 360 zippered closure protection that fits mattress up to 12inches depth, you can also be sure that accidents on the bed or liquid spills will be a thing of the past as it comes with 100% waterproof backing which protects all six sides.

The lightweight, soft, breathable ultra thin fabric is hypoallergenic against allergens like beg bugs and mites; it is also safe for kids as it is vinyl free, overall this fabric creates a cooler comforting sleep.

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress

The utopia bedding  cover mattresses is one of its kind and a class of its own, with its stretchable  knitted polyester material that can stretch to cover any mattress easily, Utopia comes in 60 inches by 80 inches dimensions that fit queen size mattress and also 15 inches pocket deep giving it a firm stay on your bed.

Utopia also brings to you soft Unparalleled comfort as the modern Micro zipper protects the zipper up to 360 degrees against dust mites and bugs while giving you protection over all six sides. The TPU(polyurethane membrane) backing can’t be left out as this provides 100% waterproof which ensures proper airflow and still prevents any liquid from entering making it totally breathable.

Safe Rest Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement

Safe rest premium zippered offers a premium features like exclusive 360 velcro zipper that ultimately has your mattress sealed on all six sides, the teeth’s of this zipper are small and fitted such that beg bugs can’t fit into them or pass through them.

If this bugs can’t pass through the zipper, they have no other chance elsewhere because the premium soft terry surfaces are hypoallergenic which fends off bed bugs, mites and reduces allergies like asthma and eczema. The premium terry soft cotton surfaces are noiseless and serene, also has a breathable membrane that cools you and absorbs moisture.

Amazing features of this product include – 10-year warranty, Preventing accidental opening with its 360 Design, Hypoallergenic cotton Terry surface, Micro-zipper technology, and Laboratory tested. Unfortunately, this unit seems to be tricky to install and has a poor zipper.

Red Nomad Bamboo

Judging by how excellent red nomad mattresses are their cover cant be any less. This mattress cover measures 38×75, which also can fit mattresses up to 18inches tall, with its ultra-premium jacquard bamboo material be sure to experience a cool and breathable sleeping experience even if you sweat a lot due to its cool flow tech.

Other amazing features of this cover includes its exclusive waterproof and temperature control quality, hypoallergenic which makes al dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens things of the past. Be sure to get a long uninterrupted sleep as it has high accident control resistance.

Note: this product is Machine washable cover, Hypoallergenic, 100% waterproof, comes with  3 type protector – top only protector, five side protector, and encasement protector, 10-year warranty, and Noise-free. However, there are claims of clingy noises and the poor seam quality that wears and tear easily.

Terminix Professional-Trusted Ultimate

Terminix comes in different sizes both in kings size and queen size to fit your bed perfectly; it easily fits into your mattress due to its Fabric elasticity. Terminus offers lifetime protection against bed bugs mites, pollens, and other allergens, the fabric is carefully knitted and 100% polyester such in a way it’s impenetrable for bedbugs, the pore size is smaller than that of a bed bug and still manages to be breathable and comfortable. Unlike other hypoallergenic covers, this isn’t made with plastic, but clothes and is still 100% six-sided water resistant.

In addition to that, this cover is Laboratory certified, Household allergens barrier,  comes with micropores that block bed bugs and mites, Machine washable, noiseless and comfortable. Sadly, it tends to retain heat, the cover is a bit tricky to put on, and inaccurate measurements size for kings and queen.

Ruili Twin XL Size Premium Hypoallergenic

The 39”x 80” size waterproof mattress pad is a design knitted and stretchable to fit in any mattress up to 16 inches. The polyester fabric slips over mattresses easily while retaining the firmness and softness of a mattress.

The waterproof is entirely TPU backing that prevents spillings,  urine, and more than 7 cups of liquid from knowing how impermeable it is. The sheet is hypoallergenic that means you don’t have to worry about sneezing, running nose or anything that might cause allergy one way or the other.

The woven top fiber provides extra softness while regulating airflow which makes it cooler than cotton.